Project Structure

The specific section presents the overview of the analytical work plan for the lifecycle of SIFEM project. To guarantee smooth and effective project running and progress the following seven (7) work-packages have been identified:

-      WP1 – Project Management, Dissemination and Exploitation: This WP is a horizontal activity and runs through the whole project life cycle. In addition, during this WP, the project objectives will be evaluated according to the outcomes in demonstrated scientific and technological innovation; community added value and contribution to EC policies; economic development, scientific and technological prospects; and finally, management and resource. Moreover, it undertakes dissemination and exploitation activities.

-      WP2 - Design of the SIFEM system: Functional Specifications and User Requirements are being defined in this WP. Additionally, System’s Architecture is being designed and histological and pathological data as well as micro‐CT images possessed by the partners are being gathered into an integrated Repository.

-      WP3 - Open Source Finite Element Modelling Tool and 3D Visualization: Development, refinement and further extension of the PAK Finite Element tool with OpenFOAM algorithms. In addition a web‐based tool will be developed for the 3D visualization of the generated multi‐scale models and the sustainable coupled inner ear model.

-      WP4 - Multi-Scale Modelling of the Inner-Ear: During this WP all activities regarding the inner ear modelling will be undertaken addressing the three SIFEM research directions (numerical modelling of the cochlea, electrical coupling within the cochlea and BC modelling) as well as the coupling of the multi‐scale models.

-      WP5 - SIFEM Rich Semantic Infrastructure: Development of a sophisticated semantic rule‐engine and delivery of the SIFEM conceptual model. Moreover, the Semantic Info structure will be implemented during this WP.

-      WP6 - SIFEM Infrastructure Integration: Integration of the SIFEM tools and services to deliver a robust platform, technical testing and Integration with the VPH Toolkit. Moreover, Risk Management is performed during this WP, where the hazards are identified and evaluated in order to undertake the respective actions.

-      WP7 – Validation and Models Verification: Technical Verification and Clinical Validation of the models as well as evaluation of the unified platform meeting the user requirements.