Public Deliverables

Del. No Deliverable title WP No. Lead Partner Delivery Date
WP1 - Project Management, Dissemination and
D1.2 Quality Assurance plan WP1 ICCS M6
D1.4.1 Dissemination Plans WP1 ISVR M12
D1.4.2 Updated dissemination plans M24 WP2 ISVR M24
D1.4.3 Updated dissemination plans M36 WP1 ISVR M36
WP2 - Design of the SIFEM system
D2.1 State of the Art WP2 BIOIRC M6
D2.2 User Requirements and Data Availability Analysis WP2 ICCS M6
D2.3 SIFEM System Architecture WP2 ICCS M9
WP3 - Open Source Finite Element Modelling Tool and 3D Visualization
D3.1 Delivery of the SIFEM FEM Tool v1 WP3 BIOIRC M12
D3.2 Delivery of the SIFEM FEM Tool v2 WP3 BIOIRC M25
D3.3 Open Source 3D Visualization Tool WP3 ICCS M27
WP4 - Multi-Scale Modelling of the Inner-Ear
D4.1 Quantification of the fluid pathways in the cochlea WP4 ISVR M10
D4.2 Whole head model for BC WP4 ISVR M15
D4.3 Prediction of the coupled response of the cochlea WP4 ISVR M21
D4.4 Inner ear model for BC WP4 LiU M27
D4.5 FE model of the cochlea WP4 LiU M27
D4.6 Coupled multi-scale inner ear model WP4 LiU M27
WP5 - SIFEM Rich Semantic Infostructure
D5.1 SIFEM Conceptual Model, Interlinking and Querying Methods WP5 NUIG-DERI M15
D5.2 Semantic Infostructure and Knowledge Services Design WP5 INTRASOFT M15
D5.3.1, D5.3.2 Semantic Infostructure and Knowledge Services WP5 NUIG-DERI M21, M27
D5.4.1, D5.4.2 Clinical Knowledge Documentation Report WP5 ICCS M21, M27
WP6 - SIFEM Infrastructure Integration
D6.1 SIFEM Integrated Architecture and Integration Plan WP6 INTRASOFT M18
D6.2.1, D6.2.2 Integrated SIFEM Infrastructure WP6 INTRASOFT M24, M30
D6.3 SIFEM Infrastructure Final Release WP6 INTRASOFT M36
D6.4.1, D6.4.2 Risk Management Report WP6 ICCS M13, M30
WP7 - Validation, Models Verification and SIFEM Infostructure Evaluation
D7.1 Validation Protocol WP7 UoA M18
D7.2 Models Validation and Verification Results WP7 UCL-EI M28
D7.3 Users' Evaluation Report WP7 ICCS M30