The Consortium

The SIFEM Consortium is composed of ten (10) partners representing universities, institutes and SMEs from six (6) EU member countries, i.e. Ireland, United Kingdom, Serbia, Greece, Belgium and Sweden and two (2) countries from outside the EU. More specifically, a partner from the United States of America (i.e. The University of Houston) and a partner from New Zealand (i.e. Victoria University of Wellington) participate to the consortium to strengthen international cooperation. This multinational cooperation is essential in order to implement the rising requirements of the Information technology and biomedical research and the VPH‐related community and address the needs of the biomedical research organizations across the enlarged Europe and worldwide in the area of sharing resources, re‐using multiscale and robust models, developing new knowledge and enhancing accessibility to existing knowledge and interoperability of biomedical information. The consortium is carefully set up to combine multidisciplinary competences from academia, industry, and research community including partners willing to cooperate and share a diverse set of complementary technical skills and scientific expertise required for the development of the SIFEM system. The contribution of the consortium of SIFEM project will provide and reinforce the international cooperation in the research fields of the project.

SIFEM is a multidisciplinary consortium combining expertise of leading groups in the areas of inner‐ear modelling, multi‐scale coupling, finite elements algorithms, Mesh and 3D visualization, semantics and linking data, biomedical and Information technology with a high degree of complementarities.